Coffee Break – 07.28.2014

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Honey Processed Coffee – This sounds like it may be very tasty. I just might have to order a bag and give it a shot.

7 Things Every Guy Should Know About Suits – As someone who enjoys looking sharp, this video offers a brief, yet detailed overview of what is needed to make a suit work.  For more info, check out Real Men Real Style.

How To Make A Great Burger – You probably wouldn’t think that the NY Times would be a place to go for good cooking tips, but this article on how to make a killer burger is spot on. And now I’m hungry…

Jungle Safari VBS

This week will be a crazy week around here, and things will be a bit slower here at Our church is having our summer Vacation Bible School all week, and it will be a huge event. The past few days have been very hectic as our team put everything together, from the stage and main areas, to lesson classes, and crafts, and snacks and everything in between. It’s very elaborate, and incredibly cool!

However, with the crazy week in process, I don’t plan on posting as much as normal. There will be a few fun posts though, and I plan to share a few photos (maybe even videos!) of our stage and facilities. Stay tuned for that!

Please keep our week of VBS in your prayers. This is one of the biggest events we do during the summer, making a big impact in the lives of countless children, and their families.

Memorize Scripture: 2 Timothy 4:6-7

So far, Paul hasn’t said much about his imprisonment and his expectations for the future. However, in this week’s passage, he gives an indication that he sees the end in sight.

You can see his thoughts in 2 Timothy 4:6-7:

2 Timothy 4:6-7

Earlier in the letter, Paul mentioned that he is in prison, something Timothy was surely aware of (2 Timothy 1:8, 12, 16, and 2:9). However, here he indicates that he feels his time on earth is about over. He must make sure Timothy is ready to take on the responsibility of leadership, because soon, Paul’s death will occur.

Paul uses two different metaphors in this verse alone to describe his impending death.

Top 5 Reading & Study Apps

I use my mobile devices for a lot of different things. Perhaps the biggest use comes in the form of reading and study. My usage in this area spreads across both my iPhone 5s and my iPad, almost interchangeably, although there are some things I do almost exclusively on one or the other.

Reading And Study Apps

I also own an Amazon Kindle Touch, but I find that it doesn’t really play into this discussion much. I only use it for reading, and only then for reading fiction. For most of the rest of my reading, I prefer to use other methods, primarily in book form.

On the other hand, I really like the mobile versions of my Bible study software, which tops off this list.

4 Negative Results Of Jealousy

Jealousy leaves a pretty bitter aftertaste. It really doesn’t mater who you are or in what capacity you experience it, jealousy never results in positive growth.


Jealousy can be referred to as envy, and leads to frustration, anger, resentment, and bitterness. Jealousy results in all kinds of things in our lives that we would be better off without.

Jealousy is labeled as an emotion, and as such, it can rear its ugly head pretty quick. However, I’m not so sure that the term “emotion” aptly describes this. Jealousy is more of an attitude or a decision than it is an emotion, and as such, the Bible instructs us to guard against it frequently.

That can be hard. When the church down the street experiences a growth spurt, or builds a new building, it’s easy to question why it hasn’t happened here yet. When another ministry sees giving increase dramatically, we start to dream about what we could do with that money in our own roles. When good things happen to others, we wish it was us, or at least not them.

Coffee Break – 07.21.2014

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Burr Versus Blade Grinder – One of the most critical elements in making good coffee is getting a good consistent grind. The Roasterie has a pretty comprehensive comparison of the tow types of grinders in this post. All of my grinders are burr grinders, due to the better consistency. It makes for a better cup of coffee in my Chemex.

California Is An Island? – That’s the case according to this map from 1639. This is pretty interesting, and the story behind it is fun to read. I’d love to hang one of these on my wall, but I’m sure it’s probably very expensive…

Artwork Made From Pencils – I found this incredibly captivating and inspiring. Very impressive creativity.