Coffee Break – 08.31.2015

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On this day in history: In 1852, the first pre-stamped envelopes were created with legislation of the U.S. Congress. In 1887, the kinetoscope was patented by Thomas Edison. The device was used to produce moving pictures. And in 1920, John Lloyd Wright was issued a patent for “Toy-Cabin Construction,” which are known as Lincoln Logs. These are important events!

Leaf Paintings Made With Coffee Leftovers – It is becoming something of a fad to create art with coffee. I find this both intriguing and disappointing. Intriguing because of people and their creativity. Disappointing because it seems some are just jumping on bandwagons. This artist, however, is especially creative.

Being The Best Dressed Man – I enjoy looking my best. I love looking as good as I possibly can. Sometimes, though, it can be intimidating, and I’m not sure why, really. But at least I know I’m not alone in this. This article acknowledges that fear and gives some encouragement in that regard.

Bizarre Objects Owned By Henry VIII – This famous British king held an eccentric collection of some of the strangest things. Purple velvet bagpipes? Really?

Industrial Light And Magic Celebrated 40 Years! – Earlier this year, ILM celebrated their anniversary. This video shows 40 years of special effects in about a minute. Pretty impressing how cutting edge ILM has always been. And I’m sure they will continue to be.

Memorize Scripture: Philippians 2:17-18

In the previous couple of verses, Paul expressed his desire to boast about the faith of the Philippian believers. As he finishes this paragraph in this week’s passage, you can see the urgency in his wish.

Take a look at this week’s passage in Philippians 2:17-18:

Philippians 2:17-18

Paul uses imagery here that is very vivid. He compares his life to being poured out like a drink offering. It is generally believed that he is speaking about his own forthcoming death. It is doubtful if he means an execution, because in verse 24, he expresses hope that he will soon be released.

That means that his terminology here is more along the lines of “even if.” He has run the race. He has labored. And he is willing to die if necessary for the sake of the gospel.

He uses an Old Testament image as a means to illustrate this. A drink offering was something that accompanied a sacrifice, and was to be poured out on the altar, or at the base of it (See 2 Kings 16:13 for an example). In this case, the sacrifice stems from the faith of the Philippians, and Paul is willing to be the drink offering partnered with that sacrifice, if necessary.

It is noteworthy to remember that a drink offering was not worth anything on its own. It was to always accompany a regular sacrifice. What Paul is implying here is that the faith of the Philippian believers is what makes his offering valid. Without their faith, his efforts are in vain.

Pursuing Passion

I have become increasingly aware of my need to be more passionate in my life. And by passion, I mean my passion for Jesus Christ.


Several years ago, I was challenged to begin journaling as a key discipline in my spiritual life. Over the years, this has taken many forms. One of the more exuberant efforts was a journal I put together with several different categories, such as Bible reading, Bible study, memorization, prayer lists and forms, and more.

Now, each of these different disciplines were crucial, and I still believe that they are. But attempting them in that fashion did nothing but discourage me, and many of them didn’t last long.

Regardless, I still felt, and still feel, the need to become more passionate in my walk with Jesus. But how do I do that?

What I didn’t understand then, and have begun to learn now, is that discipline, for discipline’s sake, will never be effective. Discipline needs to happen in order to draw nearer to God.

Coffee Break – 08.24.2015

Your Monday Dose Of Inspiration

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On this day in history: In 410, the Visigoths overran Rome. This event symbolized the fall of the Western Roman Empire. An even more important event occurred in 1869: a patent for the waffle iron was received by Cornelius Swarthout. And, in 1995, Microsoft’s “Windows 95” went on sale, going on to change the PC world forever.

Three Ways Coffee Boosts Creativity And Makes You A Better Writer – Long title. Short article. But very interesting. I need to get some more coffee before I finish this post…

The Fender Stratocaster – My first electric guitar was a Fender Strat. I sold it soon after because I like the Telecaster much better. But it will always hold a special place in my heart. Here are a few facts about the Stratocaster you may not have known.

What Tears Look Like Under A Microscope – The human body is truly unique, even down tot he smallest of details, such as a close up view of human tears. This images are simply beautiful.

The World’s Deadliest Animals – Recent news seems to have contained several new shark attacks over the past couple of months. But are sharks the deadliest animals? Or is there something worse?

Memorize Scripture: Philippians 2:14-16

With all of the issues that Paul has addressed so far with the Philippian church, arrogance and conceit, lack of unity, and more, it is no surprise that complaining and arguing is cropping up. This is what Paul addresses next.

You can see this week’s passage in Philippians 2:14-16:

Philippians 2:14-16

As Paul continues through this letter to the Philippian church, he becomes more and more practical. As is typical with Paul’s letters, he spent the first part dealing with doctrine and philosophical issues, “This is what is wrong.” Now he moves more into the practical application side of teaching, “This is how we can fix it.”

Complaining and arguing

First of all, he says, do everything without complaining or arguing. There isn’t anything else mentioned in this letter about complaining or arguing, so the question comes to mind that this could refer to Euodia and Syntyche in 4:2, although that is not certain. It could be that, with all of the other issues that were going on, some were finding reason to complain. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Blameless and pure

There is a reason for the Philippians’ need to set such things aside. It is for their own good, so that they can become blameless and pure. As they set aside their differences and focus on unity and humility, they will grow in their own spiritual health. Our main concern is the holding forth of the word of life, and if we don’t live such lives, our task goes unfinished. We shoot ourselves in the foot, because we look no different than the world, when we should look quite different.