Graduation Is Here! Congrats Class of 2017!


This is a busy season for my family. For the next couple of weeks, things will be pretty quiet around There are a couple of reasons for this. First of all, this weekend is packed with lots of activities. My oldest daughter turns 18 today, we are holding a graduation reception for her tomorrow, and she graduates from high school on Sunday. The last few days have been hectic, and the next few will be even more so.

Second, the following Sunday is Mother’s Day. Our school district typically holds graduation on Mother’s Day, but this year they separated the two. We have plans to make Mother’s Day special, both at church for all of the mothers represented there, and for my wife, in our own family.

Because of those major events, I will have very little time to write much at all. Things will pick back up after these couple of weeks wind down. Thanks for your understanding. I appreciate each of you who are a part of my little community here.

I hope you are having a great spring! See you in a few days!

The Dad Toolbox

The Dad Toolbox

There’s an epidemic in America.

It’s true. Look around.

Father’s are failing to be the Dad their kids need them to be.

Some father’s just don’t care.

Others don’t know how.

And still others are just clueless.

My desire to to be a great Dad. I want my kids to know without a doubt that I love them. I want my kids to feel valued and encouraged by me. I want my kids to have a solid relationship with me all of their lives. And I want to teach and model to my kids how to have a solid relationship with God.

But that won’t happen unless I am intentional about making it happen.

And as I learn and grow in this area, I want to share that information with other dads.

The Dad Life

Yesterday was Father’s Day. I didn’t get much of a chance to celebrate it with my family this year due to the church camp season. I’m at camp right now with my son, Titus, and a few other boys from our church.

I stumbled across this video over the weekend. It’s good enough to share here. Enjoy!

As a father of five, with another due around the first of the year, this is amusingly accurate.  I can’t even begin to imagine all the things I’ve missed out on because my finances and resources went to family events or clothes or dental work or camp tuitions or…  And you know what?  I really don’t care what I may have missed.  I have an incredible family.

Todd, from Familyman Ministries, calls this  phenomenon “dad cool”. If you’re a father, I recommend that you subscribe to his newsletter.  He always has some great stuff going on.

What did you do to celebbrate Father’s Day? You can share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Moving In A New Direction

My family is facing a huge change in the very near future.

We are moving halfway across the country, from the Missouri, in the Midwest, to the Gulf coast of Florida.

Heather and the Kids at the Beach

It’s been a crazy process; one that practically fell into our laps.

At the first of May, I will become the new youth minister of the Brooksville Christian Church, in Brooksville, Florida.

It all started when a friend mentioned a ministry position that he knew of. I thought nothing of it. We weren’t interested in moving away from Mountain View. But then the same position came across my Facebook feed, in a group of Christian church ministers that I am a part of.

So I asked for a few more details.

One thing led to another, and Mike, BCC’s senior minister, and I were talking on the phone. That resulted in a resume, which led to a phone interview, and was quickly followed by a face-to face interview with my family traveling to Florida for a week.

The rest is history, as they say.

Randleman Family Web

Just a quick reminder….

I’ve started a new site for the Randleman family. I’ve been trying to refine the scope and direction of my writing, and determined that family updates really fall outside of my purpose for this site. So I’ve developed another site that is completely dedicated to the Randleman family news and events.

If you are interested in keeping up with the news in our little corner of the world, or seeing photos and videos of the kids, then check it out at

Finding Hidden Treasure

The GooniesDid you ever see the movie The Goonies? Goonies tells the story of several misfit kids who are convinced a pirate, named One-Eyed Willie, buried a treasure near their town decades before. The movie details their adventures as they strive to prove themselves to a town who laughingly disbelieves the stories, and a gang of crooks who know that they are on to something.

And in the end, they find the pirate ship, complete with treasure, and even One-Eyed Willie himself.

I enjoy movies that tell the story of someone finding a treasure worth millions. What a happy ending.

You may know that I enjoy the hobby of numismatics, coin collecting.

After we moved from Branson West to Mountain View a couple of weeks ago, we needed to go back to clean up the house and make sure it was ready to be shown to potential buyers.

A New Direction

Compass and MapGod has shone light on our path. We are finally able to see a few steps farther in the direction that he is leading us.

After our upcoming position with Creation Truth Foundation disappeared, we were at a complete loss as to where God was leading, or even what God was doing. But that confusion has finally passed.

Several weeks ago, while we were still trying to raise support for CTF, I decided to send out a few resumes… just in case our support needs didn’t reach the level we needed by the time we needed that support in place. It was a moment of incredible foresight, which I’m not sure I can really take credit for.

I sent resumes to about fifteen different churches, from California to Ohio to Florida, and several places in between.