Coffee Break – 02.05.2018

Your Monday Dose Of Inspiration

On this day in history: In 1870, the first motion picture to be shown to a theater audience takes place in Philadelphia. In 1897, the first showing of a motion picture in Hawaii occurs at the Hawaiian Opera House. And in 1953, the Walt Disney film, Peter Pan, opened at the Roxy Theater in New York City.

Coffee Break

Today Is World Nutella Day!
My kids love this stuff!

How Major Religions View Coffee – This was very interesting and a bit amusing as well.

Some Turkeys, And A Dead Cat – Domestic turkeys are pretty dumb. I don’t think I realized wild turkeys were just as clueless.

The Cancer Of The Great Lakes – The spread of the invasive zebra mussel is impacting a large portion of the lakes and waterways of North America. It becoming a major threat to native aquatic wildlife. This is an informational article about its spread.

What If The Arab Empire Reunited Today? – I found this to be incredibly interesting and informative.

Today In Church History
On February 5, 1631, Roger Williams landed on the shores of New England, seeking the freedom of religion that America offered. He helped lay the foundation for both religious freedom and the state of Rhode Island. Read more about him here.

Drowning In A Drop Of Water – Just how big is this God we serve? This might give you some idea…

Required Reading – How to read a book. Sounds simple, right? But this article’s author expresses the frustration that if he were a college president, this would be required reading for every single student.

5 Reasons You Should Read Missionary Biographies – I love reading biographies. Reading about the lives of others is fascinating, and teaches me a lot. Reading missionary biographies might just be the best kind to read though.

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