Coffee Break – 12.04.2017

Your Monday Dose Of Inspiration

It’s December, and the Christmas season has officially begun! For the next few weeks, enjoy Christmas related links, videos and shopping guides. And, if you find any great ideas that you would like to share, please do! In the meantime, enjoy the season, and have a Merry Christmas!

Coffee Break

AeroPress Coffee Maker Tutorial – This one of my favorite ways to make coffee. It’s simple to use, and it’s lightweight and travels easily. You need to add this to your Christmas list this year, or give one to that coffee lover in your family. Grab one from

Holiday Clothing That’s Actually Stylish – Ugly sweaters? No way. Enjoy the holidays and dress the part with style.

Keeping Christmas Simple – One of my favorite marriage blogs right now is Fierce Marriage. This post links to the podcast episode about being creative for Christmas gift giving to your spouse.

Make It So – This sampling of lines from Star Trek TNG put to music is perhaps one of my most favorite Christmas videos. It’s a classic. And the best part? “Shut up, Wesley!”

Today In Church History
On December 4, 1154, the only Englishman to ever become pope ascended the papal throne. That was Nicholas Breakspear, known as Adrian IV. His time as leader of the Catholic Church was one filled with difficulty and trouble. Read more about him here.

The Christmas Present In Lot’s Cave – This article makes a connection in my thinking that I think I already knew, but not really cognitively, if you know what I mean. It’s fascinating to link Genesis to the nativity, and the fact that God’s grace permeates it all is overwhelming in it’s simplicity.

Was Jesus Married To Mary Magdalene? – Although this isn’t Christmas related, strictly speaking, the fact of the matter is that Christmas and Easter are the two times each year when these kinds of stories pop up, attempting to add to or discredit the real message of the Gospel. This is an interesting look at the idea that Jesus was married, and refutes that false teaching nicely.

The History Behind ‘Silent Night’ – What is your favorite Christmas carol? Chances are good that you might say “Silent Night.” If so, you join myriads of others who love this old song. Here is a brief history of how it came to be written.

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