Our Tradition: A Birthday Cake For Jesus

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Since Christmas is the day we celebrate Jesus’ birth, it’s only appropriate that we celebrate with a cake.

The Gifts Of Christmas

Every year, we bake a birthday cake for Jesus. Sometimes it’s a simple sheet cake with frosting and candles. Other times, it’s been a cheesecake, or something more elaborate.

After we read the birth narrative and open presents, we relax for the afternoon. Well, the kids and I do. Heather is busy preparing Christmas dinner. This year, she will have the help of not only our older children, but also the assistance of my mother, who moved to our town this year.

One of the things we’ll be preparing is the birthday cake. And after we eat dinner, we will light the candles and sing Happy Birthday to the King of Kings.

Seems kind of fitting.

But we might need to stop adding another candle every year…

Do you celebrate Jesus’ birthday as a birthday as well as more traditional Christmas celebrations? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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