Why A Daughter Needs A Dad

Why A Daughter Needs A DadGregory E Lang has written several books about family relationships. I have two of his books, and this is the second post in this mini-series about fatherhood. I posted a some of my favorite points from Why A Son Needs A Dad a few days ago. You can check out that post here. You can purchase both Why A Son Needs A Dad, and Why A Daughter Needs A Dad from Amazon.com.

Here are a few of my favorite entries from Why A Daughter Needs A Dad.

A daughter needs a dad:

  • To teach her that her value as a person is more than the way she looks.
  • Who will always have time to give her hugs and kisses.
  • Who will never think she is too old to need him.
  • So she will know what it is like to be somebody’s favorite.
  • To answer the questions that keep her awake at night.
  • To be the safe spot she can always turn to.
  • To show her how it feels to be loved unselfishly.
  • To be the standard against which she will judge all men.
  • Who will influence her life even when he isn’t with her.
  • To teach her the meaning of integrity, and how to avoid the crooked path.
  • So that she will have at least one hero who will not let her down.
  • To tuck her in at night.
  • To teach her what it means to always be there.
  • To help her try again whenever she fails.
  • So that when no one else is there for her, she can close her eyes and see him.
  • To hold her as she cries.
  • To carry her just because she wants to be carried.
  • To set a moral standard for her.
  • Who teaches her she is important by stopping what he is doing to watch her.
  • To remind her of the comfort of being held near and feeling secure.
  • To build a loving house of a foundation of wisdom and understanding.
  • To teach her the importance of being a lady.
  • Who gives her refuge in a home secured with faith.
  • To teach her the joy of serving others.
  • To calm her when she is stressed by her challenges.
  • To teach her how things work.
  • To fix her favorite things.
  • To teach her how to fix things for herself.
  • To tell her all she needs to know about boys.
  • To teach her how to recognize a gentleman.
  • To stand with her on the day she marries the man she hopes will be just like her father.
  • To help her become the best mother she can be.
  • To help around the house so that her mother will have time to spend with her, too.
  • Because without him she will have less than her life deserves.

There are a lot more great reminders in this book than just these. These are the ones that stood out to me. Just like I found in Why A Son Needs A Dad, some of them stood out because my daughters need that truth. Others stood out because I need it.

These little books are filled with short, simple concepts; but the truth hidden inside is profound.

What about you? What truths do you need reminded of occasionally (or frequently)? Why does your daughter need a dad? Why do you (or why does your wife) need a dad?

List them out in the comments. I want to hear your thoughts on this.

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