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Spending time in God’s Word is one of the most important pieces of our daily spiritual growth. God’s Word really has no way to impact our lives unless we are exposing ourselves to it consistently. In light of that, Bible reading and study is perhaps the most critical of the spiritual disciplines.

Over the years, I have written multiple articles about this discipline, and will continue to add insight when and where I can.  This page provides a handy list of those articles all in one place.

One of the ways this can be incorporated into daily life is through memorization.  For several years, I have been attempting to memorize as much Scripture as I can, and I have encouraged others to do the same: 

This is an extremely critical element of our spiritual lives, and it seems to be occurring less and less in our culture. But when you begin to experience the many benefits of consistent, daily time spent in God’s Word, you’ll develop a craving for more.  Because God’s Word truly does change us.

That’s why I have developed a tool to help people read through the Bible in a year. I originally created this in a paper form to be handed out in my youth ministries. But it quickly grew to be bigger than that, and I was soon printing copies for the church as a whole, everywhere I have served over the years. In my own church, it is available for any who would like a copy, and many use it consistently.

However, I want to make sure that this is available to more than just those who walk through our doors. I want to make it available for you as well. To that end, I have created an ebook version of e Bible Reading Plan.  This is an easy way to keep a plan handy, because you can download this ebook to your computer or other device, or even print weekly if so desired. It comes in a PDF, so it can be viewed on almost any device you might have.

This booklet contains three different Bible reading plans mapped out day by day for the entire year. In one plan, you’ll read a portion of the Old Testament, a portion of Psalms and Proverbs, a portion of the Gospels, and a portion of the rest of the New Testament every day. The second plan included takes you from Genesis 1 through the end of Revelation, straight through. The third plan coordinates things a bit; when you read of David and Bathsheba, you’ll also read David’s repentance in Psalm 51, for example. And if none of these really connect with you, there is a whole page of additional resources you can check out to find the system that is right for you.  You can view a more detailed explanation of the plans here.

You can get a copy of the yearly Bible Reading Plan for free by subscribing to via email. Once you do that, you’ll be directed to a page where you can download it. By subscribing to email notifications, you’ll receive each of my posts in your inbox, and an occasional special newsletter. I won’t send you spam, or allow anyone else access to your email address. I’m using Mail Chimp, and they have a pretty secure system. 

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I would appreciate it if you would take the time to sign up. But more importantly, I want you to have this tool to help you spend time in God’s Word this year. 

Thanks for taking the time to allow God to grow you through his Word.

Because it matters what you read…