Coffee Break – 11.20.2017

Your Monday Dose Of Inspiration

On this day in history: In 1873, Budapest was formed when the rival cities of Buda and Pest were united to form the capital of Hungary. In 1923, the U.S. Patent Office grants Patent No. 1,475,074 to 46-year-old inventor and newspaperman Garrett Morgan for his three-position traffic signal. And in 1986, the one billionth Little Golden Book was printed. The title was The Poky Little Puppy.

Coffee Break

Giving Details Thanks For Coffee – Thanksgiving is this week. What are you thankful for? This article sums up my gratefulness for coffee.

10 Reasons You Should Go To Bed Early And Get Up Early – Over the years, I have transitioned from a night owl into an early morning person. It is a rare day when I stay in bed too long. Here are ten reasons why this is an important change to make.

If The Moon Were Only One Pixel – The tag line for this is “A tediously accurate scale model of the solar system.” That makes me laugh, but as you can see, it puts a lot of things about space into perspective, and in an easy way to grasp the extreme size of it all.

Hunting With Eagles – This was pretty interesting to watch. It shows just how varied and interesting the different cultures around our world can be.

Coffee Break – 11.13.2017

Your Monday Dose Of Inspiration

On this day in history: In 1789, Benjamin Franklin wrote a letter to a friend in which he said, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” In 1940, the Walt Disney movie Fantasia had its world premiere at New York’s Broadway Theater. And in 1982, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was dedicated in Washington DC, at the end of a weeklong national salute to Americans who served in the Vietnam War.

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How To Make Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans – Why would you not want to do this? I’d leave off the coconut though.

Terrifying Creatures From The Deep Sea – A Russian fisherman caught and photographed a lot of strange things that he has found in the depths of the ocean. His photos are pretty intriguing.

How To Sleep – We live in a society that is fixated on productivity and effectiveness. As a result, we tend to deprive ourselves of sleep in order to accomplish more. But is that a good thing? This is a long article, but a very interesting look at sleep, and how it can affect our bodies and our lives.

How Does Your Body Know What Time It Is? – On the topic of sleep and wakefulness, this Ted Talk is also very interesting.

Coffee Break – 10.16.2017

Your Monday Dose Of Inspiration

On this day in history: In 1869, a hotel in Boston became the first in the U.S. to install indoor plumbing. In 1928, Marvin Pipkin received a patent for the frosted electric light bulb. And in 1958, Chevrolet introduced the El Camino, and created a cult classic that has captivated millions.

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How To Make Cascara Tea In A French Press – Occasionally, I enjoy making cascara, a tea made from the dried cherry pulp of a coffee bean. It has a distinct flavor, and it’s a very easy drink to make. You can use a French Press to do it in your own kitchen.

What Makes A Good Alarm Clock Sound? – You may never have thought of this, but a lot of work goes into creating the right sounds to wake up to.

Why Some Pages In A Book Are Intentionally Left Blank – I never knew this about books. But I have a use for these pages. I tend to “index” my notes and highlights, and a plank page or two is the perfect place to do so.

Iceland By Drone – One day, I want to visit Iceland. I love everything I have ever seen of this small island nation. This video is no different. Enjoy!

Coffee Break – 09.25.2017

Your Monday Dose Of Inspiration

On this day in history: In 1882, the first major league double header was played. It was between the Worcester and Providence teams. In 1890, the Sequoia National Park was established as a U.S. National Park in Central California. And in 1970, The Partridge Family premiered on ABC television.

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An Easy Guide To Making Cold Brew Coffee – If you have never tried cold brew coffee, you are missing out. Cold brew is some of the smoothest, lowest acidity, coffee you will ever find. Here is an easy guide to making your own, and you can purchase a cold brew maker on Amazon.

Who Really Invented Monopoly? – This board game is probably my all time favorite of the whole industry, except for the fact that it takes so long to play, and my kids have lost most of the pieces. But it is an interesting article. You might also check out this article about the Free Parking space.

Amazing Animals – This is an excellent collection of animal photography.

Two Dumb Goats – This may be the most pointless thing you see on the Internet today. You’re welcome.

Coffee Break – 08.28.2017

Your Monday Dose Of Inspiration

On this day in history: In 1609, the Delaware Bay was discovered by Henry Hudson. In 1907, the “American Messenger Company” was started by two teenagers, Jim Casey and Claude Ryan. The company’s name was later changed to “United Parcel Service.” And in 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., gave his “I Have a Dream” speech at a civil rights rally in Washington, DC. More than 200,000 people attended.

Coffee Break

Discovering the Coffee Culture In Kerala, India – We don’t often associate India with coffee, but it does have a vibrant industry. This article gives us a good look at it.

10 Things Women Love On A Man – I strive to be a well-dressed individual, simply because I want to look my best. And as I am able to afford it, I add pieces to my wardrobe to accentuate that. Real Men, Real Style posted this a while back, and I decided to watch to see if my wife agreed. She has confirmed almost all of these. That gives me yet another reason to be well-dressed.

Protect Your Library The Medieval Way, With Horrifying Book Curses – I have an extensive library. Maybe I should consider this…

Seasons, In A Small World – This is a creative way to utilize the perspective of a microscope or a macro-lens to display the four seasons of our world.

Coffee Break – 08.14.2017

Your Monday Dose Of Inspiration

On this day in history: In 1248, the rebuilding of the Cologne Cathedral in Cologne, Germany, began after being destroyed by fire. In 1848, the Oregon Territory was established. In 1880, the Cologne Cathedral in Cologne, Germany was completed after 632 years of rebuilding. And in 1888, a patent for the electric meter was granted to Oliver B. Shallenberger.

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Coffee Socks Cloth Filters – These reusable filters may just change the way you make your coffee. I need to try one.

10 Tips To Safely Take Style Risks – Men, here are a few ideas to step up your style game a bit, without going overboard or breaking your wallet.

Giant Snowballs Have Appeared On The Siberian Coast – Miss winter? Miss the snow? This should help you. These are perfectly rounded snowballs created by a rare coastal phenomenon, found in Siberia.

Norway In 4K – This country has long been on my bucket list to visit. One day, I will. Until then, there are videos like this one. Full screen it, and enjoy!

Coffee Break – 08.07.2017

Your Monday Dose Of Inspiration

On this day in history: In 1782, George Washington created the Order of the Purple Heart. In 1888, Theophilus Van Kannel received a patent for the revolving door. And in 1928, the U.S. Treasury Department issued a new bill that was one third smaller than the previous U.S. bills.

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Seven Things You Should Never Order In A Coffee Shop – This made me laugh. Literally. Because I hear so many of these things in some of the coffee shops I frequent. So stop it. And also, stop going to chain coffee shops and think you can get a good specialty coffee (okay, rant over).

How The Man Cave Took Over America’s Basement – This is an interesting look at the American phenomenon of the man cave. It’s pretty enlightening, and some of the picture might make you envious.

10 Internet Safety Rules To Teach Children Before They Go Online – This list may seem like common sense to many, but many of our kids may not realize just how dangerous the Internet can be. This may be a good resource to go over with your kids.

How High Can You Count On Your Fingers? – The immediate answer to that question is ten. But is that the correct answer? You may be surprised at how high you can actually count using your hands.