One Word 2011

One of the things I’ve never really understood are New Year’s resolutions. I never make them, because I never expect to keep them. In fact, I often joke that I’ve made only one resolution that I’ve ever managed to keep: Never make New Year’s resolutions!

One Word 2011

But this year, I’m making a choice. I’m not making a resolution. I’ve decided to choose one word.

Not a resolution.

Just a word.

And I will keep that word in front of me all year.

It will help guide me in my decisions.

It will be visible in my family.

It will show up in my ministry.

It will help direct my personal growth.

It will undergird my relationship with Christ.


My word for 2011 is passion.

I want my life to display passion.

I want people to want what I have in Christ because they see my passion.

I want to live passionately. I want to love passionately. I want to teach passionately. I want to serve passionately.


I want so much of God in my life that I get lost in the glow. I want passion.

What about you? What’s your One Word for 2011?

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  • zeth

    I really cant come up with a word that I know of so i am going to keep looking but I havent come up with a word to use for the year I just think that i cant find one but i will keep looking