Have you ever wondered why most of your Bibles are printed with two columns of text instead of just one? This is partly because of centuries of tradition, dating back to the days of unwieldy scrolls. But there are actually a few more practical considerations involved. This short video explains some of those reasons very clearly.

Wednesday night, while the Creation Truth Foundation was here for our Vacation Bible School, our youth got to spend some time with a pretty cool telescope and an unclouded sky (for the most part). We got to see Jupiter up close, and found the Ring Nebula and the Whirlpool Galaxy as well. The night sky is an amazing sight, and I could spend hours watching it!

This video is a very brief synopsis of the night sky to whet your appetite, from the Institute For Creation Research.

Ian Juby is a creationist with a creative bent. He has several excellent videos on Youtube which present a young earth theology of Genesis and humanity’s origins, and with a humorous element that I’m sure you’ll find entertaining. Here is one of my favorite videos he has released, answering the question of what happened to the dinosaurs. You can find more of his videos here.

Vacation Bible School is happening this week at our church, and we are hosting the Creation Truth Foundation this year for a full-family event. CTF is an organization based out of the Oklahoma City area that is focused on presenting a biblical worldview of origins and the early chapters of biblical history in Genesis.

This video is one of many on YouTube, and gives a brief answer to a question on the age of the earth. Dr. Sharp, the founder of CTF, and Dr. Jackson, give a credible, yet brief, answer to this often asked question.

This is something that my boys would love to learn. This may be fun weekend project to do with them.

From the video description:

John Collins, who designed the distance world record for paper airplane flight, presented a workshop for students in the master’s in design engineering program, a joint program of Harvard’s Graduate School of Design and School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. After the workshop, held at the GSD, Collins demonstrated how to fold his world record plane.

I found this video to be extremely fascinating. The creativity and talent that goes into making a globe is extraordinary!

From the video description:

When Peter Bellerby couldn’t find the perfect handmade globe for his father’s 80th birthday, he took matters into his own hands. He spent the next few years learning and perfecting the lost art of globemaking, which turned out to be a difficult, detailed process. Today, he runs Bellerby & Co Globemakers out of a small London studio with a team of 15 skilled craftsmen who create every masterpiece by hand.

Everyone has that one thing that excites them. For me, it’s coffee, or coffee mugs, or pocket knives. Or a few other obsessions hobbies. For you , it will be something different. For this guy, it’s Hot Wheels.